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Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is an artificial intelligence-based virtual assistant created by Amazon company. First, Amazon Alexa was used in Amazon devices such as Echo, Echo Dot, Smart Home, etc. Later, Amazon Alexa is being used in Android-based mobile phones, TVs, cars, etc. Every day this virtual assistant is getting smarter and more advanced through software updates. Currently, Alexa devices are capable of working in regional languages of different countries in addition to English. Alexa devices are designed to make your daily activities much easier and simpler. If you have an Amazon Alexa smart speaker, you can easily connect it to the Internet to play music, set alarms, set timers, get weather updates, daily news, etc. Also, the amazon Alexa app can work very easily with various third-party applications.

With the help of Alexa on your mobile phone or watch, you can easily control the smart home devices at home, and at the same time, you can control electrical appliances like lights, fans, AC, fridges, TV, etc. With the help of Amazon Alexa devices, it is easy to track the delivery of products purchased and ordered from Amazon with voice comments. Using Alexa, you can easily call and send messages.

Google Assistant

The name of the virtual assistant created by Google companies like Amazon Alexa is google assistant. Google Assistant is used in smart home devices such as Google Home and Google Nest made by Google. Besides, Google Assistant has been used in Android-based smartphones. All the tasks Amazon Alexa does i.e. play music, set alarm timers, news updates, weather information, etc. Google Assistant can work together with various third-party software. As a result, ordering food, booking cabs, and money transactions can be done easily with the help of this app. Google Assistant synchronizes very well with other software like Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Maps, etc. With Google Assistant, users don’t have to say OK Google every time they want to talk to the assistant. This feature is called continuous conversation. Users talk to Google Assistant as if they were talking to another human. Another special feature of Google Assistant is the interpreter mode, which means that it is possible to translate a word or a typed sentence in real-time. And this feature is very helpful for travelers and those who work as interpreters in different places. Through Google Assistant, you can customize multiple instructions at once and in that case, various actions are triggered simultaneously.

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Google Assistant is not only limited to Google smart speakers, it is available in intelligent displays, LED TVs, smartphones, laptops, cars smart modern technology, etc. Additionally, other smart home devices, such as start lights, fans, ACs, fridges, TVs, security cameras, etc., can be integrated with Google Assistant and controlled by voice.

apple siri

Like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, one of the biggest tech giants, Apple, also has a virtual assistant, Apple Siri.

This Apple Siri software is provided in Apple company products like iPhone, iPad, home pad, etc. Also, modern cars have apple car play and apple Siri available there. Various functions such as making calls, sending messages, setting reminders, setting weather update alerts, playing music, etc. can be done through Apple Siri. However, Apple Siri only works within the Apple Ecosystem and is used to coordinate across all Apple products. Siri uses machine learning systems to understand users’ commands. As a result, Siri can easily perform similar tasks when instructed later. There is also a feature called Siri Shortcuts that helps users create custom voice commands for specific tasks. A big difference between Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant is that it doesn’t integrate with all third party apps. This is because the Apple company is more popular for its secured interface. Because of this, the ladder cannot be easily connected to any other app except those certified by Apple.

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