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Currently, YouTube is a popular video content platform among social network platforms. As the popularity of YouTube is increasing every day, new content creators are uploading various beautiful videos. Your script needs to be good to upload good videos on YouTube. Video shooting, editing, audio, etc. images are very important. So uploading videos to YouTube requires several gadgets and accessories. We discuss some of such essential gadgets.

  1. Camera: The quality of the video content you upload depends a lot on the camera. A good DSLR camera or mirrorless camera is used by many content creators today. All these cameras have high-quality sensors and lens-switching options. Moreover, these cameras have perfect low-light sensors. As a result, it is possible to capture good video even in low light. All of these modern DSLR cameras have the option to blur the background image. High-quality cinematic video recording is possible with these cameras.
  1. Smartphone: Many time budget is not enough to buy a good DSLR camera. In this case, the video can be recorded and uploaded to YouTube with the help of a smartphone. Among the new smartphones available in the market, some of the higher-end phones can record good-quality videos. Many YouTubers started recording videos with smartphones in their early days and later bought DSLR cameras to earn money from YouTube.d recording videos with smartphones in their early days and later bought DSLR cameras to earn money from YouTube.Many YouTubers started recording videos with smartphones in their early days and later bought DSLR cameras to earn money from YouTube. So in the case of new YouTubers, there is no need to invest a lot of money and buy a DSLR camera first. If you’re a YouTuber and you have a good DSLR camera, a smartphone comes in handy in many places. Because cameras are not everywhere or it is not possible to take pictures using cameras. In that case, the video can be captured very easily by removing the smartphone from the pocket.
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  1. Audio Equipment: Good audio is very important for YouTube videos. Good audio is not always available depending on the camera of a mobile or DSLR. So it is best if you use an external microphone. When we record with the help of a video camera, many times, the outside noise mixes with our words. Sometimes our voice is less heard. To get out of all these problems, Lavalier Microphone Or use a USB mic. Nowadays many people are using wireless mics again.
  1. Tripod: A tripod camera mount is essential to keep the camera steady in one place during video recording and to get smooth video footage. Various types of tripods are available in the market. They are table-top, mini, and full-sized. There are usually two types of mounts on top of a tripod to accommodate either a phone or a DSLR camera. But in the case of a DSLR camera, you have to buy the tripod carefully. Because DSLR cameras are heavy and have lenses attached to them, a relatively sturdy tripod is required.
  1. Video Editing Software: Uploading a good video to YouTube is not only about collecting raw footage with a good camera but also requires proper editing. Currently, there are several popular video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and iMovie. You can also edit videos on mobile devices using mobile video editing software.
  1. Green Screen: This makes your background matter in the video. Because when you describe an event, it is not always possible to go there and describe it. Some footage needs to be shown in the background to convey something. In all these cases the green screen is used. A green screen is a tool that helps create a background that can be connected to the video later. This method is called the chroma effect. As a result, the video becomes more realistic and interesting. Nowadays, this technology is widely used in cinematography. In the case of using a green screen, first, the YouTuber has to stand in front of the green screen and describe something. Then during video editing on the computer, with the help of the Chroma effect, you can add something else by changing the green screen in the background.
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  1. Drones: Drone footage is growing in popularity among YouTubers these days. When you record a video outdoors or while driving, adding drone footage during editing makes the video much more vivid. Nowadays drone gadget is very popular among bloggers. There are various budget drones available in the market. The price of drones usually depends on several features like battery size, flying time, camera quality, etc.
  1. Live Streaming Equipment: Most YouTubers live stream on various social networking platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. To do such live streaming, several gadgets are required, they are a webcam, microphone, streaming software, etc. Along with this, your PC or laptop should have a powerful processor and a high-speed fiber optic cable. An Internet connection is required. OBS software is commonly used to stream videos on YouTube. Live streaming can be done by adding several layers to this software. There are many YouTubers who stream gaming or stream live news. They also use this software. With the help of OBS software, it is possible to do live streaming on YouTube and Facebook simultaneously.
  1. Action Camera: Action cameras are quite popular among YouTubers. There are many YouTubers who do blog recordings. In their case, this camera provides a special function. Besides, this camera works very well for those who do moto blogging or adventure blogging. A special feature of this action camera is that it allows you to record stable footage while walking or running. These cameras are usually rough and tough and have waterproofing. Go Pro Hero 9 is a popular action camera.
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  1. YouTube Video Editing PC: Good video editing requires a high-powered processor and a graphics card. Video editing is possible on a desktop or laptop or MacBook. Usually powerful AMD CPU ryzen 5, and Ryzen 7 are used for editing. Similarly, you should use an i5 or i7 if you have an Intel computer. Video editing mainly requires processor power rather than a graphics card. Video editing in 4K requires a high-configuration system.

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