Top 10 Android apps 2022

Top android application

There are lots of apps available on the Play Store Android platform. All Android mobile phone users can easily download them. Many of the Android applications are free and some of them are period. The android apps are updated very frequently. Some of the popular apps do not supported the old android operating system version. 

GoDaddy Studio (Over): Design

In the Play Store, one of the most popular applications is over. Recently the name of the application has been changed. The new name is Godaddy studio. Godaddy Mobile LLC manufactures this application. This application is handy for content creators and people. The Godaddy studio application is a package. With this application, you can create many things, such as Photo editing, graphics design, social media posts, Instagram stories, banners, ads, thumbnails, Logo design, and many more. 

The free version of this app is very good and effective. But if you want to buy the premium version then we can quickly get a lot of Pre-build templates. Contain creators can easily take the templates and make their own content easily. The price of the paid version of this application is given below.

$14.99 per month

$99.99 per year

These prices of the Godaddy Studio are for US best customers only. The pricing of other countries may vary from one to another. The Godaddy pro version has an option of auto-renew.  

Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is one of the most useful file management software in the Play Store for Android devices. Solid Explorer is a very useful software for storing photos, videos, files and documents. This app helps the user to store their files in a particular location so that the user can easily access them.   Users can access different storage locations with this app such as internal memory, external memory, and cloud storage location. People can easily encrypt their files and folders. It helps the user to secure the data. Users can also hide their personal information, files, and folders easily with this app. The most useful feature of this app is users can easily access defined storage locations on computers, mobile, and the cloud. 

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Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the best user-friendly home screen setup apps. This launching app is fully customizable. People can easily customize their home screen layout and every detail of their needs. Users can easily change the mobile icons, and themes through this app. It also provides a dark mode that can change according to time. This app offers the latest Android interface features. The new version of Nova Launcher makes your phone faster. 


Waze is the most useful driving-related navigation app. This app can be easily used as an alternative to Google Drive or Apple car play. This application makes your driving experience so easy and hassle-free.  Users can easily find out the Real-time traffic situation and easily take alternative routes with low traffic. This app also informs the gas filling station, traffic police assistant, speed limit, etc. This app makes the driving experience smooth, smart, and time-saving.

Microsoft Swiftkey

Microsoft sweet keyboard is one of the new smart and fastest keyboards. This keyboard has auto-correct Typing features.  so users can easily type faster than on another keyboard. This keyword also provides type with swipe features. So that it is easy to type with one hand by just moving your finger over the words. The most important feature of this keyboard is the cloud clipboard.  it has to copy and paste the text between your computer and Windows PC. This keyword also supports multi-languages.  Users can easily use emojis and stickers like other keyboards.  


Google weather app is the most useful app for all Android users.  It is a free app. This app sometimes needs a GPS location To predict the actual weather of your surroundings. People may also add their destination location or Favorite cities in this app. Weather application Forecasts the weather from time to time. This app has the full features: Local weather, weather map (weather map service), and weather widgets. Google weather app shows Rain/snow, temperature, pressure, wind, clouds, humidity, waves, … and storms. 

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People may sometimes be bored with the same old wallpaper and ringtone provided by their mobile manufacturer company. This application helps the user to choose their favorite wallpaper and ringtone from an extensive catalog with millions of free backgrounds, live wallpapers, stickers, ringtones, alarm sounds & notification sounds for your Android phone. 

Textra SMS

Textra is a simple messaging app with lots of features and customization. People may sometimes be bored by using the same old default messaging app provided by the manufacturers. Textra SMS app almost looks like some ordinary messaging app, but when you go to its settings there are lots of customization options. like notification icons and color text color conversation coloring of the sun and lots more. Many friends are available in this app, and you can easily resize the front. Users can easily use a lot of customizable emojis and gallery images. The most interesting feature of this app is the scheduling of text in the future.


Snapseed is a premium quality photo editing app provided by Google. As you know all Google products are free so users can edit their photos like a pro. There are lots of tools, and filters available in this app. Like professional photoshop app users can Easily use Pro-level Editing tools like Tune images, white balancing, curves, lens blur, face enhancement, etc.


Spotify is one of the biggest music and podcast Android applications. There are millions of songs and podcast available in the Spotify library you can easily find out your favorite song from its library and playlist Spotify also deliver the option to create your own playlist download and share. Spotify Makes streaming music With  Amazon Alexa devices. You can listen to music and podcasts on your mobile, tablet, PlayStation, desktop, Chromecast, Bluetooth speaker, and TV. Spotify also offers a limited free version and a premium paid version.  the premium version costs Stars $9.99  per month.

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