Why do people switch from Windows to Mac?

The advantages of Windows PC

There are so many advantages of Windows products or PCs, but now Apple does its job better than Windows. People can buy a Windows product or PC at a very affordable price. They can also modify the PC according to their needs. It can also be customized as their budget. There are as many options for buying the PC as they need. There are many different companies in the market. You can choose a PC according to your work. Many kinds of applications, games, software, and productive work can easily be handled using the Windows operating system and Windows PC. Especially in the gaming sector, Windows is unbeatable. People can easily connect themselves to Windows operating systems. It is very user-friendly. 

Customization of Windows PC

You can choose hardware according to your needs in Windows operating systems or Windows PC. People can quickly assemble their PCs. When people are going to buy their built PC, then it will be very cost-effective. Users can choose their hardware According to their needs. You can select the processor, motherboard, graphics card, cabinet, monitor, and all the parts according to your budget. That’s why users get the freedom of choice of hardware. People can also get liberty in choosing software; there are many options. Most software developers make software for Windows PC.

Why do people buy Apple products?

In Apple products, such as Macbook, iMac, or Mac Studio, the company actually makes their products as premium gadgets. Mac is always known for its smooth battery performance, no lag, and complete security. When people switch from Windows PC or laptop to MacBook, there is a noticeable difference. The MacBook is faster and lighter than the Windows laptop. The performance is far better than Windows PC. If you want to buy a computer, the MacBook is a good option. The build quality of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air is excellent. The metal body is very durable. The most beautiful thing about a MacBook is its trackpad. This type of sizeable big trackpad is only present in a MacBook. The MacBook is so user-friendly that people don’t need to switch off their laptops. You can easily open a MacBook with one hand and continue your work. There is no need to shut down your MacBook; that’s why it’s prevalent among creators. The Apple Mac products have their ecosystem. You can easily connect your iPhone iMac and other Apple products with its dedicated Apple ID. The security level of Apple products is also very high. Most celebrities, content creators, and business people use Apple products because of its highly secured platform. Apple usually doesn’t allow any third-party software or crack software. The hardware optimization of Apple products is also remarkable. Recently Apple produced their processor for their computers. The newly launched M1, the successor of M1, i.e., M2, is also very powerful, and this processor is designed for MacBook.  

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