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Microsoft Windows 12: Release date, standard features, pricing, and more.

Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system. Most people all over the world are using this operating system. Recently there has been a rumor that Microsoft is going to launch a new version of Windows that is Windows 12. So there are a lot of questions that come to mind.

  • What is the expected launch date?
  • Where can we download the new version of Windows 12?
  • Is windows 12 officially available on Microsoft website?
  • What are the significant differences between windows 11 and 12?

A short while ago, Microsoft released an update 22H2 for Windows 11. The tech giant also said they take a new major update every three years. Windows 12 will come with many added features. These updates may enhance the probability of developing a new version.

Top upcoming features of windows 12
  • It is expected that we will get a better experience with windows 12. It is almost confirmed that the next generation operating system will be AI-based. There are many advanced automation applications available in the future. 
  • In this modern era, cloud computing is advantageous. People may experience high-speed gaming with their regular pc. The upcoming OS may be fully capable of handling this technology.   
  • The new software will also be optimized. It can efficiently run with no lag and give a smooth experience. 
  • We also get more innovation in windows 12. Like windows 11 android application feature is available. As we see, advanced updates were open in the pre-built or developer version in early windows. After a successful run of the beta version of any software, the official new version will be released. So there is a strong possibility that windows 11 major updates may be obtainable on the windows 12 developer or beta version. 
Microsoft Windows 12 upgrade related issue

A vast number of people all over the world use Windows operating systems. When the new version of Windows 12 launches in the market, there will be two options: buying a new operating system and updating the existing Windows 11. When Windows 11 was launched then, Microsoft gave an opportunity to upgrade the previous Windows 10 freely. So there is a high possibility that users will get the new version of Windows 12 just by updating the old one. 

There will be no force update, meaning people may sustain with Windows 10 or 11. Microsoft may give an option to the user that they still stay in windows 11.

Windows 12 Hardware requirement

Microsoft Windows 12 may Run with the minimum system requirement, like Windows 11. The operating system doesn’t need Heavy, powerful hardware. The system must be compatible and run Windows 11 for a free upgrade. Free updates are available through Windows Update in Settings > Update and Security. 

Windows 12 minimum system requirement
  • PROCESSOR – the processor must be faster than 2 GHz and comes with four or more cores. It should be 64-bit compatible.    
  • RAM – the operating system may run with 4 GB ram, but it would be recommended 8 GB. the RAM may be DDR4 or DDR5.
  • Storage – The minimum storage may be 64 GB or higher. Large storage space is required to store OS updates.  
  • System firmware – UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) must be enabled.
  • TPM – Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0 will be needed to install windows 12. 
  • Graphics card – Direct X 12 or later will be required. 
Expected Release Date

The expected release date of Microsoft Windows 12 is a big question for all of us. Microsoft announces no such official date. But in previous Microsoft, Windows 10 was released July 2015, and Windows 11 was released in October 2021. So there is less possibility of launching a new window version. Only a few people are using Windows 11 right now. After a few significant updates, when windows 11 is saturated in the market, there will be a prospect of windows 12.

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