how to choose best video editing software for PC ?

Best video editing software for video editing

Best Video Editing Software. There was a time when the Internet was a luxury for people. But now, both times and circumstances have changed. Nowadays the Internet has become much more acceptable and accessible to people. It has been proven that video content is much easier to understand than text content.

Online education

When covid 19 came in 2020 everything life stopped. People are completely confined to their homes. And then the widespread use of online began. During covid lockdown, everyone started emphasizing online education. All schools and colleges are closed. Everyone chooses different social networking platforms to take online education classes.

Due to this, a large amount of video content is being produced, and they are easily available for download on the Internet. In the field of education, it has been seen that students can easily understand something by watching videos. That is why audio-visual learning is now being emphasized.

Social networking

At present a large amount of video content is being uploaded on various social networking platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. All these platforms use different video formats. So it is essential to convert the videos captured by the camera into a specific format. Various cameras are available in the market, like phone cameras, DSLR, GoPro etc; these cameras can easily create 4k complete HD video files.

Till now, creating video content and editing them was limited to a professional level. But currently, bloggers and nonprofessional movie editors, freelancers, etc., are all involved in this work. Still, many ordinary people also capture some of their memorable moments with the help of mobile phones or DSLR cameras. Later, those videos are joined with free video editing software to create small clippings.

Best Video editing software

Currently, various types of video editing software are available in the market; they vary in functionality, price, system requirements, etc. Most professional video editors use pro-level software, and the cost of that software is high. And to use this pro software, a high configuration system is required. Color grading, multi-layer task editing, motion tracking, etc., can be done very well in professional software.

 On the contrary, the price is a significant matter for beginners. Beginner’s usually preferred to use low-budget free software. And such software does not require high-level system requirements.

We have listed down the pros and cons of some of the most popular video editing software for a long time. No video editing software is perfect; each software has some features that are very useful and some drawbacks. Some video editing software works on the Windows platform, and some on Mac or Android operating systems.

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We set several parameters to software test a particular video.

  • Who will use this software – Beginners and advanced-level editors have completely different natures of work. And accordingly, they prefer to use other software. Their work requirements also differ.
  • What system software or operating system is required – Operating system plays an important role in any particular video editing software because video editing software is not platform-independent. That is, which software works on the Windows system, and which software works on the Mac system? So before selecting the software, take a look at the operating system.
  • Learning how the software works – To work with any video editing software, the first step is to learn how the software works. Now there is some video editing software that is very easy to understand which tools and features to use. There is also some leading software that is very complex and takes time to learn.
  • System Hardware Requirements – System requirements are very important for any video editing software. Currently, 4K video editing or 1080p video editing requires a high-powered computer. Also, a high-configuration processor, graphics card, and 4k monitor are required.
  • Project Rendering Time – Rendering time is very important in any video editing software. While editing the video, after arranging all the layers, color grading, effect, transition, etc., rendering is done for the final output. And the rendering time mainly depends on the hardware configuration and the software used.
  • Cost of using the software – This type of video editing software is sold mainly in two ways. One is on a monthly or yearly subscription basis and the other is a lifetime purchase. If the software is purchased once in a lifetime, updates of this software are available regularly.
  • How to Learn Video Editing Software – Nowadays, there are a lot of learning materials available on the internet to learn any video editing software. Among them, there are several paid courses and some free materials. Various institutes teach such editing courses. Video editing companies also make several tutorials available for selling software.
  • Resource availability – When you have to do any professional-level work with any video editing software, it is convenient to work if ready-made templates or lower third, etc. can be downloaded. Because it takes a lot of time to work with custom templates or lower thirds. So before working with any rendering software you need to know how much that software resource is available on the internet.
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Wondershare Filmora

Wonder share filmora is one of the entry-level best video editing software. This is the most famous software for social media creators. Most YouTubers are using filmora for their regular vlog editing. You will get all the features like effects, transition, lower thirds, Croma effect and even cinematic are available in filmora. The user interface of this software is very easy to use. So you can easily create high-quality video editing and easy to upload it on social media.

  • System Requirement: Any regular or advanced system it can run.
  • Software Price: you can just get it by spending $49.99. 
  • Features and Uses: Everything you can do in Filmora you can do in Premiere Pro. You have to decide your needs and uses. Then buy your preferred software. Basic video editing like joining multiple clips, Slow motion/Fast Motion, removing unwanted parts, Croma effect, color Grading, Title, lower third/ transition Effects/ Video effects, Background Music, etc. can be done by any of the video editing software.    
  • Available Resources: you can get lots of built templates in Filmora’s library. 
  • Software for Profession: Filmora is good for personal video editing. But if you want to make video editing your profession, then it is not used in the industry.
  • Use and Learning Complexity: This is relatively easy to do in filmora software. You can easily master it.

adobe premiere pro

When you like to edit videos in production like quality then you should go for Adobe premiere pro. This is high-quality professional-level software. You can make pro-level color grading. The transition, effects, and cinematics are all excellent. It also provides cloud storage for your project. To run the Adobe Premiere Pro software, we need a high-performance computer. Premier Pro software has very high requirements. In addition, if you want to use this software regularly, you must pay a monthly or annual subscription fee. Using Wondershare Filmora software was as simple but using Adobe Premiere Pro is not so simple. So, if you want to work with premium, you must first learn well after premium, otherwise, you will not be able to use the functions properly. There is Adobe Premiere Pro software and other software ie after effects and photoshop together with which any production can be made well. Project files can be easily exchanged from one software to another within the Adobe ecosystem.

    • System Requirement: High-level system configuration is needed. Minimum i5 10th gen with 16GB RAM is required. 4GB dedicated Graphics card. 
    • Software Price: There is no one-time payment option in adobe premier pro. You can subscribe to it for 1 month or a year. Monthly subscription $20.99
    • Features and Uses: If you want to do basic video editing then you do not need Adobe premier pro like heavy software. With premier pro, you can do advanced video editing like making a custom template, custom effects, animation, musking, advanced color grading, etc. 
    • Available Resources: there are a few in-built prebuilt templates available in premier pro. But you can download lots of free and paid templates from different websites. 
    • Software for Profession: Adobe Premier Pro is the best option for those who want to make video editing their profession. Because this software teaches you industry-standard editing.
    • Use and Learning Complexity: The interface of adobe premier pro software is a little bit messy. You need time to understand the detailed feature of the tools. 
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Final cut pro (FCP)

The final few types of premium video editing software. However, the main difference with After Effects Filmora is that Final Cut Pro can only run on Apple computers and does not support any other OS. Everything you can do in Adobe Premiere Pro can be finalized. And Adobe Premiere Pro such software is useful for industrial filmmaking. If you look at the interface, you can see that the final car interface is modern and fast. This software does not need to be subscribed to every year or month like Adobe Premiere Pro. If someone uses it then he can purchase it for a lifetime.

    • System Requirement: The final cut pro software can only run on Apple Mac Book or iMac computer. This software is specially designed for Mac, it can’t run on a windows environment. 
    • Software Price: The price of FCPX software is $299.99. You have to pay for this software one time and use it for a lifetime. 
    • Features and Uses: You can edit 4k 60fps cinematic video. You can do almost the same work as adobe premiere pro.  
    •  Available Resources: There are many stock pre-built templates available in FCP.   
    • Software for Profession: In the video editing industry FCP users are growing very rapidly. There are many new opportunities are available for FCP users. 
    • Use and Learning Complexity: The user interface is not very hard to understand. The Final Cut Pro is also user-friendly. It is comparatively easy to learn than premier pro.    


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