10 different types of IOT devices. Categories of IOT devices

10 different types of IOT devices

We all know that Artificial Intelligence is playing an important role in today’s Internet era. In this artificial intelligence system, all possible information is pre-fed into the computer. Then, if a problem is given to the computer, the computer can automatically decide on the pre-fed data. An IoT device is a type of device that can perform certain tasks by exchanging data over the Internet. Currently, IoT devices are being used in various fields. Such as smart home devices (smart door locks, smart lights, smart AC), smart wearable devices (smartwatches, fitness trackers), in addition to office and industry (smart attendance sensors, CCTV cameras, remote control devices, etc.).

Smart Home Devices

In today’s fast life, smart home devices will help you to make your daily activities easier and safer. With the help of your smartphone and the internet, you can know whether the house is locked from outside the house. That way, if an uninvited person tries to open the door, your phone will receive an alert message. In this way, you can easily ensure the security of your home. Smart Light is an important feature that allows you to turn on or off all the lights in your home through voice comments or mobile. Moreover, it is possible to change the color and intensity of the light as desired. Many times after leaving the house we feel that the lights are on, in that case, you can easily turn off all the lights in the house from your mobile app. If you have a smart speaker in your home like amazon Alexa or google next then you can easily control the lights, fan, ac, and tv of the house through voice commands. Moreover, these smart speakers can answer any question you may have. But to get all these services, your home smart devices must be connected to the internet and they must be logged in with proper user ID and password.

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Wearable Devices

The most widely used wearable IoT devices are smart watches and fitness bands. The new smartwatches that have come into the market are not only watches but with the help of them, various phone features such as phone calls, messages, emails, calculators, reminders, etc. can be used very easily. Moreover, some smartwatches have GPS systems. As a result, it is convenient to find the right destination with them. Many smartwatches have built-in mics and speakers. Phones can be received while riding a motorcycle or driving a car with the help of these phones. Apple company’s smartwatch has an E-SIM facility. Even if you don’t have a phone with you, you can stay in touch with the outside world with your watch.

In addition to watches, new smartwatches, and smart brands have a variety of physical activity indicators such as footstep trackers, heart rate monitors, oximeters, track meters, etc. All these health parameters are recorded with the app on your mobile.

Health Monitoring Devices

Various physical problems of your body are monitored with the help of various health parameters. We see various modern health monitoring devices in hospitals or nursing homes that are controlled by IoT. Blood pressure monitors, glucose monitors, heart rate, and oxygen meters provide real-time data. With the help of all these devices, the doctor can diagnose what is wrong with the body or if there is any disease.

Industrial Devices

Various IoT devices are used in industries. They are mainly used in various settings of large and heavy machinery in the factory. These devices may include sensors, remote control systems, security, and automation systems. Many times the quality of the product is controlled in the factory through software with the help of HD cameras. Besides, IoT devices are used in the industry to see whether all the machines are working properly. IoT devices play an important role in reducing downtime in factories and increasing efficiency and productivity.

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Smart Transport Devices

IoT devices have brought about a revolutionary change in goods and passenger transport. With its help, safe and fast transportation is possible. Some of the smart transport devices include GPS tracking systems, smart traffic management, and vehicle diagnostics. These devices can provide real-time information and avoid traffic delays through advanced signaling systems by determining the actual location of vehicles. This can reduce traffic congestion and improve safety. At present, through GPS tracking, passengers standing at any bus stop can know the exact position of the next bus or cab through the mobile app and how long the vehicle will be available through the app.

Retail IoT Devices

Currently IoT devices are being used in shopping malls. These devices are smart slaves and customer tracking systems. These devices help retailers track customer behavior. Moreover, store owners can know what kind of products customers like or what kind of products are selling more.

Energy Management Devices

Energy management is very important in various industries. And if this work can be done by smart IoT devices then the cost is reduced. These devices are smart meters, smart lights, smart grids etc. These devices enable efficient power consumption and remote control. Moreover, in terms of security, these devices automatically disconnect the system from the grid in emergency situations.

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