Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, or Safari: Which is the best web Browser ?

The Best Web Browser

The web browser is the software or program that performs all Internet activities. For example, web browsing from one page to another page with the help of hyperlinks through the web browser is called web browsing. Several popular web browsers include Google Chrome, Microsoft Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari, and more. Many features have become especially necessary in the browser in today’s Internet age. The two standard parts, fast browsing and lighting speed, are required. In addition, the browser must be lightweight, taking less memory( RAM) and system resources. So the browser must run smoothly on a low-configuration machine.  


Data safe and security are essential. Today most browsers offer high-level security. So that user can easily handle their bank details confidentially. The browser also provides private browsing mode. It deletes cookies data and browsing history whenever we log out or close it.

Fast Browsing

The fast browsing speed, as well as the lightweight, is recommended. Modern browsers store history, passwords, bookmarks, saved pages, customized tabs and settings, and lots more.


It is one of the essential features of a browser. The browser always saves your internet searches and recent password tabs. So whenever you switch from one device to another (computer to mobile or check), the browser always appears with the same updates. 

Security and Privacy

Safety and privacy is the essential feature of a web browser. Some browsers also block third-party cookies to avoid tracking. It may protect your identity by hiding your IP address. It deletes cookies data and browsing history whenever we log out or close it. Crypto mining is prevalent nowadays. Miners sometimes use a criptomoning script; this script affects our system and runs abnormally. Some efficient browsers sometimes block these unwanted scripts. Social networking sites may track your activity. Browsers also help to block these sites. 

Private browsing mode, Block third-party tracking cookies by default, Block crypto mining scripts, Blocks social trackers.


Portability is a big important factor for a web browser. The browser must be compatible and available on different operating system platforms, i.e., MAC OS, Windows, Linux OS, and Android. Furthermore, people are now searching for their queries in mobile browsers. So it is essential to synchronize the data of a browser on all platforms. Furthermore, the browsers save your important login password so you do not need to enter a password every time. Therefore, we need a very strong password management system to secure our information. 

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OS availability, Mobile OS availability, Sync with mobile, Password management, Primary password


There are many utility features available in modern browsers. For example, people can easily choose their favorite search engine as a default search engine. Sometimes autoplay of a particular tab on a web page is very annoying. The browser may also block that content and turn off the autoplay option. You can easily add web extensions/ add-ons to customize your browsing experience.

Autoplay blocking, Tab browsing, Bookmark manager, Automatically files out forms, Search engine options, Text to speech, Reader mode, spell checking, Web extensions/ Add-ons, In browser screenshot.


Firefox is one of the most widely used trusted web browsers. We have been using this browser for a few years. Recently the Mozilla firefox team has worked extensively on it. People use it mainly for its security. But now it is an all-around browser. Firefox is now fast, lightweight, and safe. As we compare firefox with chrome, then firefox provides better protection. It also provides an automatic ad tracker block that helps you have a pleasant internet experience.    

  • Mozilla VPN – Mozilla offers its users a free, fast VPN service to hide their identity. This service protects the user from web surfing, live streaming, and gaming.  
  • Pocket – this is a very popular useful feature in this browser. It helps us to store or save favorite articles, videos, and stories on the web. This pocket also gives privacy. Most often, we can recall the contents in the pocket.  
  • Fingerprint blocking – As a security concern, fingerprinting is online tracking. Like cookies, it is also harmful to the computer, so firefox blocks it. 

Google Chrome

  • It also provides the most advanced google address bar. The Chrome address bar provides many features like google search, weather, calculator, translator, google drive, and currency. Users just type the preferred keyword above and easily find the result. 
  • Chrome offers us cross-platform accessibility of devices like phones, tablets, laptops, etc. First, you have to turn on the synchronization, and then you can easily access your bookmarks, saved passwords, and payment information like debit card or credit card number from any device. 
  • Incognito mode is one type of private browsing. The browsing history, cookies, site data, and password are not saved in the browser or computer. That means our activity on the websites is not tracked. But it is partially true. The ISP can easily see incognito browser data. Incognito does not hide the identity of a user. 
  • With a chrome browser, you can access google products and services. We can stay connected to different google products like Gmail, Google Assistant, Google Pay, Photos, Google Drive, doc, etc. It is very easy to use these products in one place.  


Safari is one of the fastest and most secure web browsers. This web browser can only be used on Apple devices. Apple users can only use this browser. It offers lots of customization and industry-leading battery life. The Safari browser usually takes less power than any other browser. This browser is specifically made for Apple laptops; that’s why battery performance is concerned. Users can easily stream up to 1.5 hours more than Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Safari also supports 4K HDR video playback on YouTube, Netflix, and Apple TV.

Everyone knows that Apple is also known for its security. The Safari web browser is very secure and alerts you when it fetches suspicious websites and prevents them from loading. Safari has an advanced feature that checks each web page; if any harmful code is found, then only that page will turn down. The whole application will be safe and Secure. Safari also provides intelligent tracking prevention. Using apple iCloud plus service, you can sign up to a website without sharing your email address.    

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In the Apple ecosystem, i.e., when you use all the apple products simultaneously, it will be easy to work with the Safari browser seamlessly and sync your passwords, bookmarks, history, tabs, and more with all devices. In addition, you can easily drag and drop photos, Text from one device to another. This feature helps very much to content creators. 


Opera is one of the fastest, most secure, fully featured web browsers. You can get a complete web experience by using this browser. It provides an advanced sidebar that makes your daily needs easy. You can easily manage the sidebar and add many things, i.e., Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, crypto wallet, tutorials, etc. You always connect with social networking platforms and easily chat without switching apps.

Ad Blocker – Opera offers free ad blocker for both mobile and desktop browsers. This helps you fast web page loading and focus on the content without any interruption. You do not need any add-ons or extensions to block the ads. This option comes built in with the browser, you just need to turn on by two clicks. 

The opera browser is concerned about your privacy. This is the only browser that offers free and unlimited VPN with no subscription benefits to the users. When you are online, you can easily hide your identity and avoid tracking.  

Microsoft Edge

After the great success of internet explorer, Microsoft launched the EDGE browser. Since 1995 this was the only browser to surf the internet. Internet explorer was officially discontinued after a long period in 2015. Edge became the default web browser in Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. 

Microsoft Edge supports chromium engines. The same browser extension supports Google Chrome. The Edge browser accesses less RAM and performs very fast. It also supports an inbuilt password manager.

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