apple iPhone 14 pro vs 13 pro detail comparison

apple iPhone 14 pro vs 13 pro

iPhone 14 Pro. We all know that every year the Apple company launches a new model of their iPhone. And this year was no exception. Finally, on 16th September 2022, the new Apple iPhone 14 Pro model is available worldwide. Now with the arrival of this iPhone 14 Pro model, many people are wondering how different the new iPhone 14 Pro model is from the previous iPhone 13 Pro model or in other words, what extra features are we getting in this new iPhone model. Apple company has surprised us all by launching the new 14 Pro at the same price as the old iPhone 13 Pro. Apple iPhone 14 Pro $999 and iPhone 14 Pro Max $1099. Apple company offers a good discount when exchanging your old iPhone and getting a new one. So many people will want to get 14 Pro by exchanging the already purchased 13 Pro.

Physical overview

First of all, let’s say that the difference between Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max is very small, only the display size is small and large, just like the difference between the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max is only the display screen size. Everything else is almost the same. Both the iPhone 13 and 14 Pro models have stainless steel sides and ceramic glass on both the front and rear. The two phones look almost the same, only if you look closely at the camera module at the back, you will see that the camera module of the 14 Pro is slightly larger than the 13 Pro. Apart from this, the Lightning port and speaker grill are the same on both phones.

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Brilliant Display

The feature that sets the iPhone 14 Pro apart from all other iPhones is its Dynamic Island. Apple company has very smartly given the front display notch a pill shape in a combination of hardware and software. Most of the notifications are here in the form of animations. If you’re inspired by this feature to pick up the iPhone 14 pro, you’d be wrong. it’s not very useful for practically any productivity task.

Advanced Processor

The new iPhone 14 Pro is built with A16 Bionic chips based on a 4-nanometer architecture. The previous model iPhone 13 Pro was the best with A15 bionic chips and 5-nanometer architecture. A16 Bionic is more powerful and 4 nanometers make it more battery efficient than the previous processor. But if we look at the Geekbench scores, there is not much difference between the two processors in terms of single-core and multi-core performance.

Battery Performance

Another important thing about mobile is their battery. There is not much difference in battery between the iPhone 14 Pro and 13 Pro. Both phones offer almost the same battery coverage. However, if the Always On Display feature is turned on, the battery performance on the iPhone 14 Pro decreases slightly.

Most powerful camera that ever made

Most people in the world buy iPhones mainly for their excellent cameras. And whenever a new model is launched, the first point of attraction is its camera performance. If you are a content creator and videography is your passion then the iPhone 14 Pro model will not disappoint you. And if you’re a casual photographer or occasionally take photos or videos for yourself, upgrading from the iPhone 13 Pro to the iPhone 14 Pro might not be value for money for you. Now let’s come to the iPhone 14 Pro model, you are getting more features than before in terms of camera.

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We can see from the side-by-side comparison in the table that the 14 Pro is your best option if you need to record cinematic video in 4k. Because in this model you get front and rear 4k 30 fps cinematic video recording. Also, in terms of still photos, the iPhone 14 Pro model has a 48-megapixel sensor on the main camera. Which can be used as a 12-megapixel 2X zoom with the help of 12-megapixel telephoto i.e. this 48-megapixel primary camera. So this model has the opportunity to use two telephoto lenses. For this reason, iPhone 14 Pro gives four options 0.5X, 1X, 2X, and 3X during video recording. So content creators can easily zoom in and zoom out as they wish while recording. The camera sensor size is larger than the previous Thirteen Pro model gives the 17 pro model, so the dynamic range has increased more than before to give the new model.

Only iPhone 14 Pro can gives this features

The new iPhone 14 Pro will give you some new features that no other phone has ever offered before. And this is exactly why you will be interested in picking up this phone. Fast Time Apple has added car crash detection features to the iPhone. As a result, if your car is involved in an accident, an SMS will automatically send to the emergency number from your phone. If you get stuck in a place where mobile no network, you can send an SOS signal through iPhone 14 Pro satellite communication, get the necessary message, and ask for emergency help. Until now iPhone was a secure device popular with people. But from now it will give you all kinds of security and protect you from danger.

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