best video editing software: apple final cut pro vs adobe premiere pro

apple final cut pro vs adobe premiere pro

There are various video editing software available in the market. Some of these software are very popular they are Apple final cut pro, Adobe Premier Pro, De Vinci resolve, Filmora, etc. Apple final cut pro and Adobe Premier Pro are big rivals for professional video editing for film and television. Many video editors prefer final cut pro while others prefer adobe premiere pro. However, these two software IDs have several pros and cons.

Apple final cut pro

Apple Final Cor software is widely used in the film and television industry for editing and post-production work. With the help of this software professional level editing like multi camera editing motion, graphics color grading etc. can be done. However, Apple’s Mac operating system version 10.14 or higher is required to use this software. That is, this software will not work on any other machine except Apple’s computer.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro software is widely used for professional video editing. Premiere Pro software is part of the Adobe creative cloud. Advanced video editing such as color grading, motion graphics, multi camera editing, etc. can be done with premier pro software like apple final cut pro. Besides, premier pro software can be easily integrated with other adobe software such as after effects and photoshop. adobe premiere pro software works equally well on both windows and mac platforms.

final cut pro pros :

User-friendly interface: final cut pro provides users with a clean and intuitive interface. This software provides an easy navigation system. Moreover, in this software, various menu icons, toolbar, timeline, file, import, export, etc. options are clearly specified. As a result, there are a lot of benefits for the work of beginners and professional video editors.

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Multi-camera editing:

Nowadays, in the case of video recording, one or more cameras, i.e. two or three cameras are used together. Video recording is done in this camera college from different angles. Then when the time of editing comes, these different cameras are opened and edited by placing one on top of the other. Such multi cameras are used in television movies and various popular serial broadcasts. This kind of editing is possible very easily with the help of final cut pro software.

color grading:

Color grading is very important in advanced video editing. Color grading is especially necessary when shooting video on camera when there is not enough light or when matching one footage to another footage. Correctly reading the color makes the video stand out a lot. Professional-looking color grading requires advanced color grading which can be easily done with final cut pro software.

integration with other apple software:

We all have more or less idea about apple ecosystem. That is, if a person uses an apple product or uses any apple software, then the apple company gives the opportunity to work together with other software. Other Apple products such as logic pro x, motion, and compressor can be used together with Final Cut Pro.

Apple final cut pro cons:

Mac only:

final cut pro software can only be used on computers with the mac operating system. Apple company provides only Mac operating systems in their computer desktops and laptops. Therefore, to run the final cut pro software, you must use Apple’s computer iMac or MacBook. final cut pro software cannot be used on any windows operating system computer. So if you want to do video editing with the final cut pro, you must buy an apple company MacBook or iMac.

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Limited third party support:

After completing the editing, the video project has to be exported and saved in a specific format. In the case of final cut pro, not many export option is available.

Adobe Premiere Pro:

Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional video editing software developed by Adobe company. Premiere Pro software is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud. Many content cricketers, video editors, and filmmakers use Adobe Premiere software. Professional-level video editing color grading, motion graphics, multi camera angle shooting is possible with the help of Adobe Premiere Pro software. Premiere Pro software can be easily integrated with Adobe software such as Photoshop after effects. The biggest advantage of premiere pro software is that it can be run on Windows and Mac computers equally.

Adobe premiere pro pros:


  If you want to use the Adobe Premiere Pro software, you have to pay a certain amount for a subscription. This software cannot be purchased at once.

Cross-platform support:

Adobe premiere pro software can be installed on both windows and mac computers. As a result, regardless of the operating system, if your system has a high configuration, you can easily install premiere pro.

Integration with other Adobe software:

Adobe Premiere Pro software can be integrated very well with other Adobe software such as Photoshop, After Effects, Audition, Lightroom, etc., for seamless and effective editing.

Multi-camera editing:

Now multi camera angles are very important in filmmaking and television in big production houses. In this case, editing is done by layering multiple camera footage together. And all these advanced video editings can be done with the help of Premiere Pro software.

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Motion graphics and visual effects:

Different Mashagraphics official effects can be added to the video with the help of Premiere Pro software. Many times, with the help of after effects, various footage can be edited and given effects. Moreover, many third-party visual effects can be downloaded and added to Premiere Pro software.

Color grading:

Perfect Color Dredging makes the video much more vibrant and lively. Proper color grading is essential in documentary film and production companies. Software like Adobe Premiere can do this very well.

Large community and third-party support:

The important advantage of using Adobe Premiere Pro software is that there are many developers and different communities who use Premiere Pro software and they sometimes provide third party support and resources.

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