5G Technology: What Are Its Advantages And Disadvantages

5G TECHNOLOGY Always Stay Connected

5g technology is the most advanced telecommunication system in the present era. With the advent of this technology, data communication is revolutionizing. When upgrading from 4G technology to 5G technology, not only does the communication speed increase but also the latency decreases a lot. In 4g where 100 Mbps maximum internet speed was available. There it is possible to get up to 1 Gbps internet speed with 5-G technology. With the help of this 5g technology, various new technologies such as self-driving cars, virtual reality, smart IoT devices, advanced security, etc. have been opened to us.

5G technology provide faster download and upload speeds and lower latency

One of the main advantages of 5G technology is that through this technology, users can get Internet speed and low latency of up to 1 Gbps. Large files can be downloaded very quickly using this technology. Also, HD movies or 4K videos can be uploaded quickly. Moreover, streaming is more accurate and reliable with less buffering. And low latency refers to the time it takes to send a specific request from one device to another device. In a 5G process, this Latincy will be less than 1 millisecond which is significantly faster than 4G. 5G enables several applications and services such as augmented driving, virtual relative, time gaming, etc.

The 5G spectrum

5g service is quite expensive to install. Currently, several different frequencies of the spectrum have been earmarked for 5G services across the country. Since 5G services use higher frequencies, it is often necessary to install 5G mobile towers nearby. 5G uses a high-frequency electromagnetic web. As a result, low latency and high-speed data communication are possible. But all these high-frequency electromagnetic webs can not go far. Moreover, it is difficult to enter through the walls of the house. Hence mobile companies have to install more towers to provide smooth and uninterrupted high-quality service. As urban areas are densely populated, it is convenient to have 5G service there. But providing 5G coverage over large areas in sparsely populated rural areas would be prohibitively expensive. However, airtel company has 900 MHz and Jio has 700 MHz 5G bands. With the help of these bands, it will be possible to provide 5G services in rural areas.

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Increased risk of security threats

Data security is very important when using 5G networks. Because this 5G service will lead us towards internet dependence and more automation. And in that case, cyber security is especially the risk of hacking and malware. This 5G service is very complicated and very modern, so security should be specially noted. Companies providing 5G services must be certain about security. Only then any person or company will be encouraged to use this technology.

Limited coverage of 5G networks

  Data transfer and internet are mainly limited to mobiles and laptops in the case of 4G services used in most countries. But this new 5G technology will not be limited only to mobiles or laptops. It will connect IoT devices in your home, driving systems in cars, real-time gaming, and many more real-time services. As a result, as more devices are connected to 5G, there will be more pressure on the network. As a result network slow data and latency time will increase. Therefore, with the expansion of 5G services, the network capacity has to be increased to a greater extent than 4G. However, it will be possible to provide better quality services.

In conclusion,

All in all, the 5G service has several drawbacks. 5g services have made it possible to revolutionize our communication system. Also faster download upload speeds and the ability to connect more devices together than previous Forge services. However, there are several limitations in terms of 5G services. They are costly. Moreover, it is inconvenient to provide services across more areas. Health and safety aspects also need to be considered. However, this new 5G technology will provide more advanced and modern services in the future. And all the difficulties that are present will be overcome in the coming days. Any technology has some problems when it is first installed. Later, hopefully, scientists will solve all those problems and give advanced technology to society.

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